Shivam Sharma

I am a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science, Texas A&M University (TAMU). My research area is in Computational Geometry, especially in the more theoretical side of it. During the first COVID wave, I discovered how the whole of development of Mathematics (from ancient Greeks to modern mathematics) has been motivated by Geometry. I was planning to organize a workshop in Geometry, however soon the second wave hit. It amazes me to know that I am finally doing PhD in this amazing field!

Before joining TAMU, I was working in an Indian environmental monitoring startup, Kritsnam Technologies. This startup provides end-to-end solutions for environmental (hydrological) monitoring needs: hardware, firmware, software and even deployment! Yes, I personally went hiking for installing instruments in the Himalayas. Before that, I worked as an Embedded Engineer in Applied Electronics, one of the oldest inverter manufacturing companies in Northern India. My work in those 5 years (~2015 to 2020) in both these companies has been related to Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT devices that we built have been deployed across India and Bangladesh. We hope these devices would one day leave the Indian sub-continent.


I am interested in Machines: both mechanical and computational. I am interested in how they communicate with each other and to humans. I am also interested in the organization of knowledge and how we can build a zero-entropy system for our knowledge consumption and creation needs (as finite human beings). I am also interested in music composition but I haven’t composed anything for many years now. I am trying to rejuvenate my lost interest in music this year (in 2021!).

Previously, I have been interested in the dynamics of bicycles. See this project which motivated me to pursue a research degree in rigid body dynamics.